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Development of Wireless Data Acquisition Device for Individual Load to Improve Function of Smart Meter Applied to AMI

성병철(Sung, Byung-Chul) ; 배선호(Bae, Sun-Ho) ; 박우재(Park, Woo-Jae) ; 전승욱(Jeon, Seung-Wook) ; 박정욱(Park, Jung-Wook)

Practical Alarm Suppression Rules and their Implementation for Nuclear Power Plants

황인구(Hwang, In-Koo) ; 김양모(Kim, Yang-Mo)

Switching Surge Analysis and Evaluation in Combined Transmission System with 345kV GIL

장화윤(Jang, Hwa-Youn) ; 이종범(Lee, Jong-Beom) ; 김용갑(Kim, Yong-Kap) ; 장태인(Jang, Tae-In)

Analysis on Current Limiting Characteristics of a Hybrid SFCL with the First Half Cycle Limiting Operation Due to Resistance of Superconducting Element

김진석(Kim, Jin-Seok) ; 임성훈(Lim, Sung-Hun) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul) ; 최종수(Choi, Jong-Soo)

Correlation Analysis of Wind and Solar Power Generation Pattern for Modeling of Renewable Energy

김민정(Kim, Min-Jeong) ; 박영식(Park, Young-Sik) ; 박종배(Park, Jong-Bae) ; 노재형(Roh, Jae-Hyung)

Analysis on the Protective Coordination with Hybrid Superconducting Fault Current Limiter

김진석(Kim, Jin-Seok) ; 임성훈(Lim, Sung-Hun) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul) ; 최종수(Choi, Jong-Soo)

A Study of Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermal Field Analysis for Temperature Rise Prediction of Power Transformer

안현모(Ahn, Hyun-Mo) ; 김민수(Kim, Min-Soo) ; 송재성(Song, Jae-Sung) ; 한성진(Hahn, Sung-Chin)

Design and Analysis of Surface-Mounted PM Motor of Compressor for Electric Vehicles Applications according to Slot/Pole Combinations

최장영(Choi, Jang-Young) ; 박형일(Park, Hyung-Il) ; 장석명(Jang, Seok-Myeong) ; 이성호(Lee, Sung-Ho)

Control Techniques of Sensorless BLDC Motor Drive for a Vehicle Fuel Pump Application

트란 콴 빈(Tran, Quang-Vinh) ; 전태원(Chun, Tae-Won) ; 이홍희(Lee, Hong-Hee) ; 김흥근(Kim, Heung-Geun) ; 노의철(Nho, Eui-Cheol)

A Novel MPPT Control of Photovoltaic Generation Using NFC Algorithm

장미금(Jang, Mi-Geum) ; 최정식(Choi, Jung-Sik) ; 정동화(Chung, Dong-Hwa)