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Parameter Identification of Induction Motor from Step Response

전범호(Jeon, Bum-Ho) ; 노치원(Roh, Chi-Won) ; 류준형(Ryu, Joon-Hyoung) ; 이광원(Lee, Kwang-Won)

Magnetization Loss Characteristics of a Bi-2223 Tape in Parallel Magnetic Fields

류경우(Ryu, Kyung-Woo) ; 한형주(Han, Hyung-Ju) ; 최병주(Choi, Byung-Ju) ; 나완수(Nah, Wan-Soo) ; 주진호(Joo, Jin-Ho)

Analysis of the Operational Characteristics of Superconducting Power supply Considering the structure of the Sheets

김호민(Kim, Ho-Min) ; 윤용수(Yoon, Yong-Soo) ; 안민철(Ahn, Min-Cheol) ; 고태국(Ko, Tae-Kuk) ; 한태수(Han, Tae-Su) ; 오상수(Oh, Sang-Soo)

2nd Order Deadbeat Controller Considering Calculation Time Delay and Sensitivity for UPS Inverter

김병진(Kim, Byoung-Jin) ; 최재호(Choi, Jae-Ho) ; Jain , Amit(Jain , Amit)

A Design and Characteristic Analysis of ZVS-Half Bridge type High-Frequency Resonant DC-DC Converter Using Soft-Switching Technique

오경섭(Oh, Kyeong-Seob) ; 남승식(Nam, Seung-Sik) ; 김경식(Kim, Kyeong-Sik) ; 김동희(Kim, Dong-Hee) ; 노채균(Ro, Chae-Gyun)

Comparison of Three-Phase Voltage-Source PWM Converters Using a Single Current Sensor

이우철(Lee, Woo-Cheol) ; 이택기(Lee, Taeck-Kie) ; 현동석(Hyun, Dong-Seok)