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Key Technologies for Stabilization of Power System for Successful Achievement of 3020 Renewable Energy Policy

김헌태(Hun-Tae Kim) ; 장성수(Seong-Su Jhang)

Economic Comparison of Wind Power Curtailment and ESS Operation for Mitigating Wind Power Forecasting Error

위영민(Young-Min Wi) ; 조형철(Hyung-Chul Jo) ; 이재희(Jaehee Lee)

A Study on the Retail Electricity Market Based on the Local Pool for Small Energy Prosumers

손은태(Eun-Tae Son) ; 곽형근(Hyung-Geun Kwag) ; 김성열(Sung-Yul Kim) ; 김동민(Dong-Min Kim)

Scenario Analysis of Low-Carbon Generation Mix Considering Social Costs

박종배(Jong-Bae Park) ; 조영탁(Young-Tak Cho) ; 노재형(Jae Hyung Roh)

LCOE Assessment of Major Power Generation Technologies Reflecting Social Costs

조영탁(Young-Tak Cho) ; 석광훈(Kwanghoon Seok) ; 박종배(Jong-Bae Park)

Design and Implementation of Eco-friendly Power Supply System for Moveable-weir Using PV Module and Li-ion Battery

강민관(Min-Kwan Kang) ; 최성식(Sung-Sik Choi) ; 남양현(Yang-Hyeon Nam) ; 이후동(Hu-Dong Lee) ; 박지현(Ji-Hyun Park) ; 노대석(Dae-Seok Rho)

Comparative Analysis of BESS and Governor Responses for Maximum Load Variations in Korea Power System

강한구(Han-Gu Kang) ; 전영환(Yeong-Han Chun)

Cogging Torque Analysis According to Unevenly Magnetized Magnets in PM Motor

이동호(Dong-ho Lee) ; 정채림(Chae-lim Jeong) ; 이승태(Seung-Tae Lee) ; 허진(Jin Hur)

Voltage Balancing Control of Input Voltage Source Employing Series-connected Capacitors in 7-level PWM Inverter

김진산(Jin-San Kim) ; 강필순(Feel-soon Kang)