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A Study on Fault Diagnosis of Boiler Tube Leakage based on Neural Network using Data Mining Technique in the Thermal Power Plant

김규한(Kim, Kyu-Han) ; 이흥석(Lee, Heung-Seok) ; 정희명(Jeong, Hee-Myung) ; 김형수(Kim, Hyung-Su) ; 박준호(Park, June-Ho)

MEAC Method for Analysis of Power System Stability Improving Effect Considering Run-up SPS Function of HVDC

이재걸(Lee, Jae-Gul) ; 송지영(Song, Ji-Young) ; 장길수(Jang, Gil-Soo)

A Network Reconfiguration Method for BESS based Service Restoration in Distribution Systems

임성일(Lim, Seongil)

A Study on Out-of-Step Relay Operation due to Delayed Fault Clearing in Transmission Line

박지경(Park, Ji-Kyung) ; 김광현(Kim, Kwang-Hyun) ; 김철환(Kim, Chul-Hwan) ; 유영식(Lyu, Young-Sik) ; 양정재(Yang, Jeong-Jae)

A New LED Current Balancing Scheme Using Double-Step-Down DC-DC Converter

김기수(Kim, Kisu) ; 도 득 뜨완(Do, Duc Tuan) ; 김흥근(Kim, Heung-Geun) ; 차헌녕(Cha, Honnyong)

Parallel Sensorless Speed Control using Power Angle for Dual SPMSMs Fed by a Single Inverter

김경훈(Kim, Kyung-Hoon) ; 윤철(Yun, Chul) ; 권우현(Kwon, Woo-Hyen)

Effects of Boron Concentration in ZnO:Al Seed Films on the Growth and Properties of ZnO Nanorods

마대영(Ma, Tae-Young) ; 박기철(Park, Ki-Cheol)

Characteristics of Nanowire CMOS Inverter with Gate Overlap

유제욱(Yoo, Jeuk) ; 김윤중(Kim, Yoonjoong) ; 임두혁(Lim, Doohyeok) ; 김상식(Kim, Sangsig)

Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester Using Indirect Impact

주선아(Ju, Suna) ; 지창현(Ji, Chang-Hyeon)

Wavelet Transform Based Defect Detection for PCB Inspection Machines

연승근(Youn, Seung-Geun) ; 김영규(Kim, Young-Gyu) ; 박태형(Park, Tae-Hyung)