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The Characteristic Analysis of Vector Control in a Linear Induction Motor Considering Static and Dynamic End Effects

김대경(Kim, Dae-Gyeong) ; 권병일(Gwon, Byeong-Il) ; 우경일(U, Gyeong-Il)

Electromechanical Characteristics of a Squirrel Cage Induction Motor due to Broken Rotor Bars and Rotor Eccentricity

박상진(Park, Sang-Jin) ; 장정환(Jang, Jeong-Hwan) ; 장건희(Jang, Geon-Hui) ; 이용복(Lee, Yong-Bok) ; 김창호(Kim, Chang-Ho)

Analysis of Vibrating and Electromagnetic Performance According to Switching Angle in SRM

이지영(Lee, Ji-Yeong) ; 하경호(Ha, Gyeong-Ho) ; 이근호(Lee, Geun-Ho) ; 조재옥(Jo, Jae-Ok) ; 홍정표(Hong, Jeong-Pyo) ; 강도현(Gang, Do-Hyeon)

Variance of Harmonics Element due to Linear & Non-linear Load Quantity

김종겸(Kim, Jong-Gyeom) ; 손홍관(Son, Hong-Gwan) ; 이은웅(Lee, Eun-Ung)

The Control of Switched Reluctance Motors Using Binary Observer without Speed and Position Sensors

신재화(Sin, Jae-Hwa) ; 양이우(Yang, Lee-U) ; 김영석(Kim, Yeong-Seok)

A Wind Turbine Simulator with Variable Torque Input

정병창(Jeong, Byeong-Chang) ; 송승호(Song, Seung-Ho) ; 노도환(No, Do-Hwan) ; 김동용(Kim, Dong-Yong)