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Development of Full-Scale Power System Real-time Simulation Technology for AC-DC Integrated Power System Analysis

오승찬(Seung-Chan Oh) ; 송지영(Ji-Young Song) ; 이재걸(Jae-gul Lee) ; 정솔영(Sol-young Jung) ; 구현근(Hyunkeun-Ku) ; 신정훈(Jeong-hoon Shin)

A Study on the Mitigation of Constraints of Large Scale Power Plant using BESS

정솔영(Sol-young Jung) ; 오승찬(Seung-Chan Oh) ; 송지영(Ji-Young Song) ; 구현근(Hyunkeun-Ku) ; 신정훈(Jeong-hoon Shin) ; 이재걸(Jae-gul Lee)

Study on the tuning of Power System Stabilizers(PSSs) in the newly installed Combined Heat and Power Plant(CHP)

신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin) ; 정솔영(Solyoung Jung) ; 구현근(Hyunkeun Ku) ; 오승찬(Seungchan Oh) ; 송지영(Jiyoung Song) ; 김수배(Soobae Kim) ; 이재걸(Jaegul Lee)

Study on Missing PMU Data Recovery by Exploiting Low- Dimensional Hankel Structures-Experiments with KEPCO PMU Data Set

신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin) ; 남수철(Suchul Nam) ; (Evangelous Farantatos) ; (Meng Wang) ; 성태응(Tae-Eung Sung)

Real-time voltage stability monitoring and transmission parameter estimation based on phasor measurement data using real-time digital simulator

고백경(Baekkyeong Ko) ; 남수철(Suchul Nam) ; 구본길(Bongil Koo) ; 강성범(Sungbum Kang) ; 신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin)

The Development of Verification System for Interoperability in Digital Substation

박유영(Yu-Yeong Park) ; 이남호(Nam-Ho Lee) ; 김남대(Nam-Dae Kim) ; 김우중(Woo-Joong Kim) ; 신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin)

Development of Power System Situation Recognition Technology Using PMU Data

남수철(Suchul Nam) ; 고백경(Baekkyeong Ko) ; 구본길(Bongil Koo) ; 강성범(Sungbum Kang) ; 신정훈(Jeonghoon Shin)