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Application of Parallel PSO Algorithm based on PC Cluster System for Solving Optimal Power Flow Problem

김종율(Kim, Jong-Yul) ; 문경준(Moon, Kyoung-Jun) ; 이화석(Lee, Haw-Seok) ; 박준호(Park, June-Ho)

Compensating Algorithm for the Secondary Current of a Measurement CT Considering the Hysteresis Characteristics of the Core

강용철(Kang, Yong-Cheol) ; 정태영(Zheng, Tai-Ying) ; 장성일(Jang, Sung-Il) ; 김용균(Kim, Yong-Gyun) ; 소순홍(So, Soon-Hong)

The Affections of System Stability on Replacing the Synchronous Condenser in Jeju Island

장병훈(Chang, Byung-Hoon) ; 윤종수(Yoon, Jong-Su) ; 한정열(Han, Jeong-Yeol) ; 심정운(Shim, Jeong-Woon) ; 강상균(Kang, Sang-Gyun) ; 이병준(Lee, Byong-Joon)

Performance Test of an Integrated Electronic Protection Device Based Photovoltaic Inverter

김응상(Kim, Eung-Sang) ; 김슬기(Kim, Seul-Ki) ; 전진홍(Jeon, Jin-Hong) ; 안종보(Ahn, Jong-Bo)

A Study on Performance Improvement of Hybrid Energy Storage System for Mild HEV

이백행(Lee, Back-Haeng) ; 신동현(Shin, Dong-Hyun) ; 김희준(Kim, Hee-Jun)