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A Lightning Surge Analysis of Testing Line for Protection of Underground Distribution Systems

김병숙(Kim Byoung-Sung) ; 이장근(Lee Jang-Geun) ; 이종범(Lee Jong-Beom) ; 한병성(Han Byong-Sook)

The Method of Reinforcing the Immunity of Residual Current Circuit Breaker for the EMC Composite Surge

김재철(Kim Jae-Chul) ; 한윤탁(Han Yoon-Tak) ; 김언석(Kim Oun-Seok) ; 설규환(Seol Kyu-Hwan) ; 강장규(Kang Jang-Kyou) ; 문종필(Moon Jong-Fil)

Quench Characteristics of Flux-Lock Type Superconducting Fault Current Limiter According to The Number of YBCO

이상일(Lee Sang-Il) ; 박형민(Park Hyoung-Min) ; 최효상(Choi Hyo-Sang)

Design and Fabrication of Light-Weight Composit Bus Bar

배준한(Bae Joon-Han) ; 배덕권(Bea Duck-Kweon)

A New Approach to Calculation of the Components of Locational Marginal Price

이기송(Lee Ki-Song) ; 정윤원(Jeong Yun-Won) ; 신중린(Shin Joong-Rin) ; 김진호(Kim Jin-Ho) ; 박종배(Park Jong-Bae)