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A Study on the Cogging Torque Reduction in a Novel Axial Flux Permanent Magnet BLDC Motor

조원영(Jo, Won-Young) ; 이인재(Lee, In-Jae) ; 구대현(Koo, Dae-Hyun) ; 전연도(Chun, Yon-Do) ; 조윤현(Cho, Yun-Hyun)

Shape Optimization of DC Solenoid Valve to Minimize the Time of Action Using Response Surface Method

윤희성(Yoon, He-Sung) ; 황인성(Hwang, In-Sung) ; 김동수(Kim, Dong-Soo) ; 윤소남(Yun, So-Nam) ; 고창섭(Koh, Chang-Seop)

A Study on the Reduction of Detent Force caused by End-Effect for Moving Coil Type PMLSM Using Auxiliary-teeth

정수권(Jeong, Su-Kwon) ; 주건배(Zhou, Jian-Pei) ; 이동엽(Lee, Dong-Yeup) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

Characteristics Analysis of Synchronous Permanent Magnet Planar Motor with Halbach Array

주건배(Zhou, Jian-Pei) ; 황예(Huang, Rui) ; 이동엽(Lee, Dong-Yeup) ; 김규탁(Kim, Gyu-Tak)

Determining the Capacity and Installation Positions of Regenerative Inverters at DC 1500V Electric Railway Substations

배창한(Bae, Chang-Han) ; 한문섭(Han, Moon-Seub) ; 김용기(Kim, Yong-Ki) ; 권삼영(Kwon, Sam-Young) ; 박현준(Park, Hyun-June)

Performance Analysis of Network-based Data Transmission Protocol between Railway Signaling and SCADA Systems

황종규(Hwang, Jong-Gyu) ; 이재호(Lee, Jae-Ho) ; 조현정(Jo, Hyun-Jeong) ; 이종우(Lee, Jong-Woo)