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Design and Analysis of Characteristics of Interior Permanent Magnet BLDC Motor That Consider Shape-Ratio of Permanent Magnet

윤근영(Yun Keun-Young) ; 류세현(Rhyu Se-Hyun) ; 양병열(Yang Byoung-Yull) ; 권병일(Kwon Byung-Il)

Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor by Torque Slope and Reference Voltage Control

김평호(Kim Pyoung-Ho) ; 최연옥(Choi Youn-Ok) ; 조금배(Cho Geum-Bae) ; 백형래(Baek Hyung-Lae) ; 이상일(Lee Sang-Il)

Dynamic Response of Linear Actuator with the Thrust Force of Transverse Flux Linear Motor

우병철(Woo Byung-Chul) ; 강도현(Kang Do-Hyun) ; 홍도관(Hong Do-Kwan)

Dynamic Analysis and Experiments of Moving-Magnet Linear Actuator with/without Spring

장석명(Jang Seok-Myeong) ; 최장영(Choi Jang-Young) ; 유대준(You Dae-Joon)

A Study on MPPT Control using the Maximum Power Balance/Unbalance Boundary Point Control

고강훈(Koh Kang-Hoon) ; 강태경(Kang Tae-Kyeng) ; 이현우(Lee Hyun-Woo) ; 우정인(Woo Jung-In)

Novel Structure of 3-Phase Phase-Locked Loop with Stiffness against Disturbance

배병열(Bae Byung-Yeol) ; 한병문(Han Byung-Moon) ; 박용희(Park Yong-Hee) ; 조윤호(Cho Yun-Ho)

Compensation of Effects of DC-Link Ripple Voltages on Output Voltage of Two-Leg Three-Phase PWM Inverters

김영신(Kim Young-Sin) ; 이동춘(Lee Dong-Choon) ; 석줄기(Seok Jul-Ki)