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Current Measurement based Reactive Power Control to Mitigate Overvoltage of Primary Distribution Line

황지희(Hwang, Jihui) ; 임성일(Lim, Seongil)

A Study on Energy Storage System(ESS) Application for Dynamic Stability Improvement and Generation Constraint Reduction

이재걸(Lee, Jae-Gul) ; 정솔영(Jung, Solyung) ; 최장흠(Choi, Jang-Hum) ; 김용학(Kim, Yong-Hak) ; 윤용범(Yoon, Yong-Beum)

Effective Capacity Calculation of the Electrical Energy Storage providing the Primary Frequency Control Service based on the Contribution to the Frequency Response of Power Systems

임현옥(Lim, Hyeon Ok) ; 최우영(Choi, Woo Yeong) ; 권한나(Gwon, Han Na) ; 국경수(Kook, Kyung Soo)

Cogging Torque Reduction Method of a Single-Phase BLDC Motor using Asymmetric Sloping Notch

박용운(Park, Young-Un) ; 소지영(So, Ji-Young) ; 우경일(Woo, Kyung il) ; 김대경(Kim, Dae-Kyong)

A Simple-Structured DC Solid-State Circuit Breaker with Easy Charging Capability

김진영(Kim, Jin-Young) ; 김인동(Kim, In-Dong)

Implementation of Speed Limitation Controller Considering Motor Parameter Variation in High Speed Operation

김경훈(Kim, Kyung-Hoon) ; 윤철(Yun, Chul) ; 권우현(Kwon, Woo-Hyen)

Acoustic Noise Characteristics of Inductor According to Magnetic Powder Core Building Structure for Inverter Application

유광용(Yoo, Kwang-Yong) ; 이병국(Lee, Byoung-Kuk) ; 김동희(Kim, Dong-Hee)

A Study on the Thermal and Electrical Properties of Fabricated Mo-Cu Alloy by Spark Plasma Sintering Method

이한찬(Lee, Han-Chan) ; 이붕주(Lee, Boong-Joo)

Statistical Lifetime Analysis for Large Electric Power Equipments using Failure Data

김정태(Kim, Jeong-Tae)

A Poof of Utkin's Theorem for SI Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

이정훈(Lee, Jung-Hoon)