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Real-time Measurements of Water Level and Temperature using Fiber-optic Sensors Based on an OTDR

심혁인(Sim, Hyeok In) ; 유욱재(Yoo, Wook Jae) ; 신상훈(Shin, Sang Hun) ; 장재석(Jang, Jaeseok) ; 김재석(Kim, Jae Seok) ; 장경원(Jang, Kyoung Won) ; 조승현(Cho, Seunghyun) ; 문주현(Moon, Joo Hyun) ; 이봉수(Lee, Bongsoo)

Design of a Robust Position Tracking Controller for Flexible Joint Manipulator Using Motor Angle

이상명(Lee, Sang-Myung) ; 김인혁(Kim, In-Hyuk) ; 손영익(Son, Young Ik)

The Study of Radiation Hardened Common Sensor Circuits using COTS Semiconductor Devices for the Nuclear Power Plant

김종열(Kim, Jong-Yeol) ; 이남호(Lee, Nam-Ho) ; 정현규(Jung, Hyun-Kyu) ; 오승찬(Oh, Seung-Chan)

The Study for the Method of Fast and Efficient Gamma-ray Detection for the Stereo Gamma-ray Ddetection System

황영관(Hwang, Young-Gwan) ; 이남호(Lee, Nam-Ho)

Design and Evaluation of Real-time GNSS Attitude Determination Systems using Low Cost Receivers

채정근(Chae, JeongGeun) ; 이동선(Lee, DongSun) ; 강인숙(Kang, In-Suk) ; 박찬식(Park, Chansik)

Spoofing Signal Detection Using Accelerometers in IMU and GPS Information

권금철(Kwon, Keum-Cheol) ; 양철관(Yang, Cheol-Kwan) ; 심덕선(Shim, Duk-Sun)

The Improvement of Blur Phenomenon at Laser Beam Scanner

노진기(Roh, Jin Ki) ; 김혜진(Kim, Hye Jin) ; 김갑일(Kim, Kab Il)

Development of the Electrodermal Activity Monitoring System for the Evaluation of Train Driver's Arousal State

임민규(Lim, Min-Gyu) ; 이영재(Lee, Young-Jae) ; 이강휘(Lee, Kang-Hwi) ; 강승진(Kang, Seung-Jin) ; 김경남(Kim, Kyeung-Nam) ; 박희정(Park, Hee-Jung) ; 양희경(Yang, Heui-Kyung) ; 이정환(Lee, Jeong-Whan)

Design of Hybrid Unsupervised-Supervised Classifier for Automatic Emotion Recognition

이지은(Lee, JeeEun) ; 유선국(Yoo, Sun K.)