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Genetic Optimization of Fuzzy C-Means Clustering-Based Fuzzy Neural Networks

최정내(Choi, Jeoung-Nae) ; 김현기(Kim, Hyun-Ki) ; 오성권(Oh, Sung-Kwun)

Fuzzy Inference for Idle Time Optimization of Hard Disk Drive

전진완(Jun, Jin-Wan) ; 김규택(Kim, Gyu-Taek) ; 이지형(Lee, Jee-Hyong)

Smart Adapted Service in Ubiquitous

안호석(Ahn, Ho-Seok) ; 사인규(Sa, In-Kyu) ; 백영민(Baek, Young-Min) ; 안윤석(Ahn, Youn-Seok) ; 최진영(Choi, Jin-Young)

Design and Implementation of the Dual-Mode Type Reliable PLC Modem Chip

이원태(Lee, Won-Tae) ; 최성수(Choi, Sung-Soo) ; 윤성하(Yun, Sung-Ha) ; 이영철(Rhee, Young-Chul)

Analysis of Series Arc-Fault Signals Using Wavelet Transform

방선배(Bang, Sun-Bae) ; 박종연(Park, Chong-Yeun)

Adoption of MFER and HL7 Standard for Shared Electronic Medical Record

김화선(Kim, Hwa-Sun) ; 박춘복(Park, Chun-Bok) ; 홍해숙(Hong, Hae-Sook) ; 조훈(Cho, Hune)

Noise Reduction and Estimating the Similarity of Ambulatory ECG Signals

신승원(Shin, Seung-Won) ; 이정환(Lee, Jeong-Whan) ; 이강휘(Lee, Kang-Hwi) ; 김동준(Kim, Dong-Jun) ; 김경섭(Kim, Kyeong-Seop)

A Development of Remote Medical Treatment System for Stroke Recovery using ZigBee-based Wireless Brain Stimulator and Internet

윤효정(Kim, G.H.) ; 유문호(Ryu, M.H.) ; 김정자(Kim, J.J.) ; 김남균(Kim, N.G.) ; 양윤석(Yang, Y.S.)

A Study of Position Control Performance Enhancement in a Real-Time OS Based Laparoscopic Surgery Robot Using Intelligent Fuzzy PID Control Algorithm

송승준(Song, Seung-Joon) ; 박준우(Park, Jun-Woo) ; 신정욱(Shin, Jung-Wook) ; 이덕희(Lee, Duck-Hee) ; 김연호(Kim, Yun-Ho) ; 최재순(Choi, Jae-Soon)