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A New Floating Inductor Using A Voltage Differencing Transconductance Amplifier

방준호(Bang, Junho) ; 이종열(Lee, Jong-Yeol)

Harmonic and Interhamonic Detection and Estimation of Power Signal using Subband MUSIC/ESPRIT

최훈(Choi, Hun) ; 배현덕(Bae, Hyeon-Deok)

Detection of Color Information Using Optical Method

김지선(Kim, Ji-Sun) ; 정구인(Jung, Gu-In) ; 이태희(Lee, Tae-Hee) ; 최주현(Choi, Ju-Hyeon) ; 오한별(Oh, Han-Byeol) ; 김아희(Kim, A-Hee) ; 정현철(Jung, Hyon-Chel) ; 전재훈(Jun, Jae-Hoon)

The Analysis of Strength and Driving Characteristic according to Design of Traction Motor for 8200 Electric Locomotive Series

임채웅(Lim, Chae-Woong) ; 윤차중(Yun, Cha-Jung) ; 김재문(Kim, Jae-Moon)

The Evaluation of Energy Saving using Ultrathin Heat Insulation in Railway Electrification Substation

김형철(Kim, Hyungchul) ; 장정훈(Jang, Junghoon) ; 신승권(Shin, Sungkwon) ; 박용섭(Park, Yongsub) ; 김상암(Kim, Sangam) ; 김형래(Kim, Hyeong Rae) ; 현병수(Hyun, Byungsoo) ; 김진호(Kim, Jinho)

Improving Regenerative Break Energy Efficiency and Voltage Regulation Capability of DC Electric Railway by Coordination of VSC and EDLC

전고운(Jeon, Go-Woon) ; 유형준(Yoo, Hyeong-Jun) ; 박재세(Park, Jae-Sae)

Study on Measurement Error Reduction Technique when Measuring Touch and Step Voltage of Grounding System

김동우(Kim, Dong-Woo) ; 임용배(Lim, Young-Bea) ; 이상익(Lee, Sang-Ick) ; 최명일(Choi, Myeong-Il) ; 문현욱(Moon, Hyun-Wook)

Surge Immunity Performance Enhancement Techniques on Battery Management System

김용성(Kim, Young-Sung) ; 임성정(Rim, Seong-Jeong) ; 서우현(Seo, Woohyun) ; 정중일(Jung, Jeong-Il)