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Hybrid Method of Max-Min Ant System and Rank-based Ant System for Optimal Design of Location Management in Wireless Network

김성수(Kim, Sung-Soo) ; 김형준(Kim, Hyung-Jun) ; 안준식(An, Jun-Sik) ; 김일환(Kim, Il-Hwan)

Fuzzy Combined Polynomial Neural Networks

노석범(Roh, Seok-Beom) ; 오성권(Oh, Sung-Kwun) ; 안태천(Ahn, Tae-Chon)

The Analysis of Living Daily Activities by Interpreting Bi-Directional Accelerometer Signals with Extreme Learning Machine

신항식(Shin, Hang-Sik) ; 이영범(Lee, Young-Bum) ; 이명호(Lee, Myoung-Ho)

A Method for Estimation and Elimination of EGG Artifacts from Scalp EEG Using the Least Squares Acceleration Based Adaptive Digital Filter

조성필(Cho, Sung-Pil) ; 송미혜(Song, Mi-Hye) ; 박호동(Park, Ho-Dong) ; 이경중(Lee, Kyoung-Joung)

Optimum Electrode Selection for Measuring Abdominal Pressure using Bio-Impedance Method

김거식(Kim, Keo-Sik) ; 이상옥(Lee, Sang-Ok) ; 서정환(Seo, Jeong-Hwan) ; 김경섭(Kim, Kyeong-Seop) ; 송철규(Song, Chul-Gyu)