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Development of Integrated Simulator for AC Traction Power Supply System

김주락(Kim, Joo-Rak) ; 김정훈(Kim, Jung-Hoon)

Development of a Measurement System for Contact Force Analysis of Trolley Line

김인철(Kim, In-Chol) ; 최규형(Choi, Kyu-Hyoung)

DCM Analysis of Interleaved Boost Converter for Fuel Cell Applications

김동희(Kim, Dong-Hee) ; 최규영(Choe, Gyu-Yeong) ; 김종수(Kim, Jong-Soo) ; 이병국(Lee, Byoung-Kuk)

Connection Algorithm Proposal of Real Time Digital Simulator with Miniaturized HTS SMES

김아롱(Kim, A-Rong) ; 김경훈(Kim, Gyeong-Hun) ; 김광민(Kim, Kwang-Min) ; 박민원(Park, Min-Won) ; 유인근(Yu, In-Keun) ; 심기덕(Sim, Ki-Deok) ; 김석호(Kim, Seok-Ho) ; 성기철(Seong, Ki-Chul) ; 박영일(Park, Young-Il) ; (Kim, Jin-Geun)

Analyses of the Output Characteristics and the Change of Internal Impedance of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell According to the Adsorption Time

김희제(Kim, Hee-Je) ; 이정기(Lee, Jeong-Gee) ; 서현웅(Seo, Hyun-Woong) ; 손민규(Son, Min-Kyu) ; 신인영(Shin, In-Young) ; 안태풍(An, Tae-Pung) ; 김진경(Kim, Jin-Kyoung)

Process Optimization Approached by Design of Experiment Method for Ga-doped ZnO Thin Films

이득희(Lee, Deuk-Hee) ; 김상식(Kim, Sang-Sig) ; 이상렬(Lee, Sang-Yeol)