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Optoelectronic Characteristics of Transparent Cu2O Films Spin-coated on Glass Substrates

곽기열(Kwak, Ki-Yeol) ; 조경아(Cho, Kyoung-Ah) ; 김상식(Kim, Sang-Sig)

Electrical Property and Application of Au Electrodes Passivated with DDT Molecules

최민수(Choi, Min-Su) ; 이동진(Lee, Dong-Jin) ; 김태근(Kim, Tae-Gun) ; 황성우(Hwang, Sung-Woo)

Improved Contact Characteristics in a Single Tin-Oxide Nanowire Device by a Selective Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Process

이준민(Lee, Jun-Min) ; 김대일(Kim, Dae-Il) ; 하정숙(Ha, Jeong-Sook) ; 김규태(Kim, Gyu-Tae)

A Design of an LED Sensor Luminaire for Visual Function Improvement

서정남(Seo, Jung-Nam) ; 유용수(Yu, Yong-Su) ; 여인선(Yeo, In-Seon)

A Micro Passive Gas Pressure Regulator using Pressure Balance Mechanism

이기정(Lee, Ki-Jung) ; 양상식(Yang, Sang-Sik)

A Characteristic Study on the Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell by the Shadow Effect

김희제(Kim, Hee-Je) ; 이정기(Lee, Jeong-Gee) ; 이경준(Lee, Kyung-Jun) ; 프라바카르(Prabakar, Prabakar) ; 신동설(Sin, Dong-Seoul) ; 채원용(Chae, Won-Yong)

The Minimization of Generator Output Variations by Impulse Chamber Pressure Control during Turbine Valve Test

최인규(Choi, In-Kyu) ; 김종안(Kim, Jong-An) ; 박두용(Park, Doo-Yong) ; 우주희(Woo, Joo-Hee) ; 신재호(Shin, Jae-Ho)

Enhancement of the Speed Response of PMSM Sensorless Control Using A New Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer

김홍열(Kim, Hong-Ryel) ; 손주범(Son, Ju-Beom) ; 이장명(Lee, Jang-Myung)