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Sensorless Speed Control of PMSM Based on Novel Adaptive Control with Compensated Parameters

남기현(Nam, Kee-Hyun) ; 권영안(Kwon, Young-Ahn)

Ionizing Radiation Sensitivity Analysis of the Structural Characteristic for the MOS Capacitors

황영관(Hwang, Young-Gwan) ; 이승민(Lee, Seung-Min)

A Study on Implementation of a Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics(TREE) Assessment System Based on M&S

이남호(Lee, Nam-Ho) ; 이승민(Lee, Seung-Min)

Humidity Sensing Characteristics of TiO2 Thin Films Fabricated by R.F.Sputtering Method

유도현(You, Do-Hyun)

Numerical Study on the Discharge Characteristics of Cylindrical Discharge Devices

서정현(Seo, Jeong-Hyun) ; 신범재(Shin, Bhum-Jae)

Instantaneous Frequency Estimation of the Gaussian Enveloped Linear Chirp Signal for Localizing the Faults of the Instrumental Cable in Nuclear Power Plant

이춘구(Lee, Chun Ku) ; 박진배(Park, Jin Bae) ; 윤태성(Yoon, Tae Sung)

The Fault Tolerant Evaluation Model due to the Periodic Automatic Fault Detection Function of the Safety-critical I&C Systems in the Nuclear Power Plants

허섭(Hur, Seop) ; 김동훈(Kim, Dong-Hoon) ; 최종균(Choi, Jong-Gyun) ; 김창회(Kim, Chang-Hwoi) ; 이동영(Lee, Dong-Young)

Forward Adaptive Prediction on Modified Integer Transform Coefficients for Lossless Image Compression

김희경(Kim, Hui-Gyeong) ; 유훈(Yoo, Hoon)

Fiber-optic Goniometer to Measure Knee Joint Angle for the Diagnosis of Gait Disturbance

김선근(Kim, S.G.) ; 신상훈(Shin, S.H.) ; 전다영(Jeon, D.) ; 홍승한(Hong, S.H.) ; 심혁인(Sim, H.I.) ; 장경원(Jang, K.W.) ; 유욱재(Yoo, W.J.) ; 이봉수(Lee, B.)

Digital Fractional Order Low-pass Differentiators for Detecting Peaks of Surface EMG Signal

이진(Lee, Jin) ; 김성환(Kim, Sung-Hwan)