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A Study on the Cause of CMV and Leakage Current, and Mitigation Strategy on the Lithium-ion Battery of ESS

김승호(Seung-Ho Kim) ; 최형석(Hyoung-Seok Choi) ; 김진용(Jin-Yong Kim) ; 한 아(Ah Han)

Optimal Design of V-Shape IPMSM Using Random Walk and Simplex Method for Reducing Cogging Torque

오제민(Je Min Oh) ; 방태경(Tae-Kyoung Bang) ; 신경훈(Kyung-Hun Shin) ; 최장영(Jang-Young Choi) ; 조한욱(Han-Wook Cho)

Lumped Parameter Modeling based Power Loop Analysis Technique of Power Circuit Board with Wide Conduction Area for WBG Semiconductors

조민신(Min-Shin Cho) ; 김래영(Rae-Young Kim)

Effect of h-BN Filler on the Space Charge and Electrical Conduction Properties of Eco-friendly Power Cable Insulators

김철호(Chul-Ho Kim) ; 이준호(June-Ho Lee)

A New Image Augmentation Method for Improving Computer-aided Diagnosis System Performance

이신애(Sin-ae Lee) ; 조현종(Hyun-chong Cho)

Multi-modal Emotion Recognition using Speech Features and Text Embedding

김주희(Ju-Hee Kim) ; 이석필(Seok-Pil Lee)

A Study on the Detection Method of Malicious URLs based on the Internet Search Engines using the Machine Learning

김종관(Jongkwan Kim) ; 장민해(Minhae Jang) ; 임선아(Suna Lim) ; 김명수(Myongsoo Kim)

Development of Deep Learning-based Automatic Camera Gimbal System for Drone Inspection of Transmission Lines

류서현(Seo-Hyeon Ryu) ; 박준영(Joon-Young Park) ; 김석태(Seok-Tae Kim) ; 김태원(Tae-Won Kim) ; 고병성(Byung-Sung Ko) ; 우정욱(Jung-Wook Woo)

Parameter Estimation Using an Off-Policy Learning-Based LQR and Its Application to a Disturbance Observer Design for Out of Step Detection of a Power System

양선직(Sun Jick Yang) ; 장수영(Su Young Jang) ; 손영익(Young Ik Son)