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Development of Steering Control System for a Self-Propelled Potato Harvester Using a Displacement Difference Ridge Tracking Method

임훈(Hoon Lim) ; 서명국(Myoung Kook Seo) ; 신희영(Hee Young Shin) ; 윤병운(Byong Un Yun) ; 방병주(Byoung Ju Bang) ; 주영훈(Young Hoon Joo)

Feature Based Extended Target Tracking Using Automotive 2D LIDAR

함다혜(Dahye Ham) ; 조형찬(Hyung-Chan Cho) ; 윤유정(Yoo-Jung Yoon) ; 나원상(Won-Sang Ra) ; 한슬기(Seul-Ki Han)

A Study on Acoustic Analysis of Stethoscope Signal using the Burg Algorithm

김동준(Dong-Jun Kim)

Zero Phase Filter Design and System Study for Improved Handling of ankle PPG Signals

이재원(Jae-Won Lee) ; 윤서진(Seo-Jin Yoon) ; 김경호(Kyung-Ho Kim)

Guided hole excavating device for ground Rod construction and the method for reducing ground resistance with Carbon tube ground copper rod

김영배(Young-Bae Kim) ; 이기종(Ki-Jong Lee) ; 문현우(Hyun-Woo Moon) ; 손준상(Jun-Sang Son)

A study on the determination of the optimal compression strength for overhead distribution line jumper sleeve

전시식(Si-Shik Jeon) ; 박철배(Chul-Bae Park) ; 김영달(Young-Dal Kim)